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  1. It was a quiet and peaceful day in ninjago except for the ninja of course.

    Kai: Ok guys lets do some training!
    Jay: Do we have too?
    Kai: Yes we do
    jay you dont here Zane or Cole complaining do you now?
    Jay: Cause there not
    Kai: oh i knew that. Well then where are they?
    Jay: they went into town to the coffe shop too look for some people to help us with the serpentine problem, with sensei wu and nya.
    Kai: well lets go find them!

    *They arrive at the coffe shop a few minutes later*
    Kai: ok here we are lets go in!
    *They enter the store and see a snake about to bite cole and zane and rush to save them*
    Kai: zane, cole Look out!!!
    Jay tackles the snake an realizes it is just a normal girl.
    Coffe shop girl: hey why did you tackle me!!
    Jay: sorry me and kai thought you were a snake.
    Kai: yeah were sorry snakes are our worst enemies.
    Coffe shop girl: oh you hate snakes
    too!!! Im only here cause its the only job available in ninjago city.
    whats your name?
    Coffe shop girl: It is…