kai and jay saga By :sensei lexi (Ninja Of Radioactive Shishkabobs)

this will have all of the kai and jay sagas


  1. here's what i got from lexi

    #1- Kai & Jay’s Arcade Adventure

    Jay: Sensei Wu! Sensei Wu! Sensei Wu! Sensei Wu! Sens-

    Sensei Wu: WHAT?!?!

    Jay: Hi.

    Sensei Wu: Ok. Jay, what do you want?

    Jay: Kai told me to ask you if him and I could go to the new arcade down in Ninjago City.

    Sensei Wu: Sure, Jay, as long as you are back by dinner.

    Jay: Great! *Yells to Kai* We can go!

    Kai: Okay, Lets Go!

    *A few minutes later*

    Kai: Jay, lets go play this new arcade game i saw. It was called Ninja vs. Snakes!

    Jay: They made a game in our honor! Let’s go play!

    *Kai and Jay runs up to Ninja vs. Snakes, only to find there was somebody else there, who had just started a game*

    Kai: Darn! I really wanted to play that new game! Lets go play The Sensei Shuffle game while we are waiting.

    *Kai and Jay go play the game and return to find the video gamer on Ninja vs. Snakes gone*

    Jay: That is weird. I could’ve sworn i never saw that guy walk out of the arcade, and i can’t see him anywhere!

    Kai: Who cares? Lets Just play!

    *As Kai and Jay begin to play, the game says to press the red button to start. Jay presses the button, and Kai and Jay suddenly teleport inside of the game surrounded by hundereds of virtual Snakes*

    Kai: Oh, Great! Now what are we going to do!?

    Jay: I think we… Wait a minute! What was that?

    Voice: Help me!

    Kai: Lets go check it out!

    *As Kai and Jay fight threw some snakes, they come across a scared boy surrounded by snakes*

    Jay: Isn’t that the boy who we saw playing this game earlier?

    Kai: Yes, He is!

    *Jay uses spinjitzu and resuces the boy from the snakes*

    Boy: Thank You! Can you help me get out of here?

    Jay: We would, but we don’t know what we have to do because KAI was too impatiant to read the directions first!

    Boy: I know!

    Both Kai and Jay: WHAT?!?!

    Boy: Just defeat that snake over there. He is the leader.

    Both Kai and Jay: NINJA-GO!

    *All three people exit out of the video game after Kai and jay defeat the leader*

    Jay: Wow. that was accually kind of pathetic.

    Kai: Yes, but look at the time! We are going to miss dinner if we don’t hurry!

    Boy: Thank you Ninja!

    *one of the virtual snakes emerges from the video game*

    Sanke: You won’t be thanking them for long. *Laughs evily to self*


  2. #2- Virtual Venom

    Jay: you know that game we played yesterday? There is something odd about it.

    Kai: Well, we were teleported into the video game and fought virtual sankes. Yeah, i sort-of already knew it was weird.

    Jay: No, besides that. You know how i said it was pathetic? Well, most video games have levels. Wh didn’t this game? Also, why was it so easy?

    Kai: Jay, forget it. We are Ninja, remember! It was probally easier for us than it is for most people. We do fight snakes almost every day!

    Jay: I just thought it was suspicious

    Kai: You may think that is weird, but what is even stranger than that is that there isn’t a single sign of Destinys Bounty, Sensei Wu, Nya, Zane, or Cole anywhere. It is like they just dissapeared.

    Jay: Maybe the Virtual Snakes escaped from the video game and kidnapped them!

    Kai: Don’t be silly, Jay.

    Jay: Well, if we could get in and out why couldn’t they?

    Kai:Beause they are part of the game, that’s why! Stop making things up, Jay!

    Jay: Kai.

    Kai: What?

    Jay: Kai!

    Kai: WHAT?!?

    Jay: KAI! B-b-b-behind you!

    Kai: *looks behind him* Ah! A Virual Snake! Jay, you WERE right!

    Jay: Does it really matter right now?!! *starts running* RUN!

    Snake: You have nowhere to run. Here in level 2, it is a two on two battle between you two and usssssss.

    Kai: Wait a minute! Did you say Level 2?!?!

    Jay: And what about the second snake? Where is he?

    Snake #2: *bites Kai* Right HERE!!!

    Kai: Jay! Help me!

    Jay: What am i suppose to do?!?!

    Snake #2: You can’t do anyting! You need the anti-Venom, and our general has it hidden in the-

    Snake: *slaps Snake #2* Don’t tell him that! *Turns attention back to Jay* We will just let your little friend here finish you off.

    Jay: Oh, No. This is not good. I must find that anti-Venom and fast! Kai, i am sorry, but… *Shocks Kai with nunchucks and runs away*

    *Later in a random place*

    Jay: Ok, so let’s see. Kai and Me are stuck in this Video game while Cole, Zane, Sensei Wu, and Nya are still unaware we are missing. Kai has been turned into a Virtual Snake, and if i don’t find that anti-Venom soon, *Hears scream* Wait, what was that?!

    Mysterious Girl: Help me!

    Snake: You sssshould not have come here, girl!

    Snake #2: Yesssss, your brother issss a ssssnake, and you are sssssurrounded! What will you do now?

    Jay: *looks out from behind corner* It’s Nya! How did she get here?!

    Nya: I don’t belive you! My brother would never obey you!

    Snake: Fine! See for yourself. Ninja, destroy her!

    Nya: Kai?!?! W-what happened?! Will somebody please help me!!

    Jay: Ninja-GO! *does spinjitzu and saves Nya from snakes and Kai*

    Nya: Jay! Where are we? What is this place?

    Jay: No time to explain! We must get away from them first!


    Jay: Ok, Nya. How did you get here?

    Nya: Well, when you didn’t show up for dinner, Sensei Wu told me to go get you guys from the arcade. When i didn’t see you, I was just about to leave when i noticed this game called Ninja vs. Snakes. I thought it looked cool, so i tried it out. As soon as i hit the start button, i wound up here. Jay, what is this place?

    Jay: We are inside the Ninja vs. Snakes video game. We need to find the anti-Venom that the snake General has hidden somewhere if we ever want to return Kai to normal.

    Nya: I remeber seeing the anti-Venom on the title preview section. It looked like it was in the Dumpster.

    Jay: Great! Lets go to the Dumpster!

    Nya: Let’s GO!

    *Later at the dumpster*

    Jay: Look! Over there! It’s the anti-Venom!

    Nya: Lets go get it!

  3. Jay: *runs over and grabs the anti-Venom* I got it!

    Nya: Great! Now we just find Kai and give him the anti-Venom and we can get out of here!

    *10 minutes later*

    Jay: Look over there! It is Kai!

    Nya: Let’s go and put the anti-Venom over there.

    Jay: *tapes sign that says “drink this to become powerful* to the anti-Venom and puts it near Kai* Ok, Nya.

    Kai: Ooo! If i drink thisssss, maybe i can become the leader! *Drinks anti-Venom* Wait, where am i? Jay, where are you?

    Jay: Over here!

    Nya: I am here too!

    Kai: Nya!?!? What are you doing here?!?!

    Jay: *explains everything to Kai*

    Snake: You sssstill haven’t battled ussss yet!

    Kai: Oh, yeah? NINJA-GO!!! *defeats both snakes quickly because he is mad because they turned him into a snake*

    Jay: Wow.

    Nya: *points* Hey, look! It is a door! Maybe we can get out of here!

    Kai: I am afraid we won’t get out for a long time.

    Nya: You mean…?

    Kai: Yes. I think this is only the Beginning

    *Kai, Jay, and Nya walks through door*


  4. Ninjago KJ Mini #3 The Wild Side part 2

    Jay: Oh, No! She must have swallowed some of those plants!

    Kai: Now what are we going to do?

    Nya: Who are you? And where am I?
    Kai: It’s me, KAI, your brother! And that guy over there is Jay.

    Jay: We are in a forest called Desert’s Hollow.

    *GPS in Jay’s hand suddenly flashes*

    Kai: Jay, what is up with the GPS??

    Jay: It says “Enemy in Range”

    Kai: Probally means the Serpentine

    Jay: Wait a minute… I never heard of a GPS that said a thing about an enemy aproching!

    Kai: What do you mean?

    Jay: Well, a GPS can tell you where you are and dirctions to get to different places…

    Kai: *cutting off jay* WHAT?!?!?! If you can get directions to different places, why don’t you to set it to Ninjago City! Maybe it will show us how to get back!

    *Jay enters Ninjago City into the GPS’s ‘Directions to…’ section*

    GPS: *In robotic woice* That place does not exist. Please try again.

    Jay: What?!? But Ninjago City is on every GPS i have ever seen!

    *Snake appears*

    Snake: Yesss. That isss true. Unlessssss you add in the fact that thisss isssn’t the real world!

    Kai: So that means this GPS is only for the VIDEO GAME?!?!?!?

    *Jay looks around, as if looking for something*

    *Snake leaves*

    Snake: *from a distance* I don’t need to fight you! You’ll end up in our trapsss even with that GPSss! HA!

    Jay: Kai, where is Nya?

    Kai: Nya? NYA?!?!

    Jay: She doesn’t rember her name, Kai

    Kai: This is great! Nya’s run off, we can’t call her because she doesn’t even remember her own name, we have no idea where we are or how to get out of here, and the Snakes have traps set all over the Forest!

    Jay: Kai! Calm down! Getton all worked up won’t do anything to help us!

    Kai: OH YEAH!!!! *Kai runs away*

    Jay: Kai, wait! *starts chasing after Kai but trips over a vine* Kai- ahhhhh!! *Jay becomes trapped by the snake’s trap* KAI!!!!!

    *Back with Kai*

    *Kai spots Nya*

    Kai: Nya! *Kai runs torward Nya but becomes trapped by another one of the snakes traps* Oh, Great! Nya! Help me get down!

    Nya: No way! Thsi nice guy warned me about you! He said you were trying to capture me!

    Kai: Nya! That’s not true! That ‘nice guy’ was probally the Snakes!

    Nya: My name isn’t Nya! The nice guy told me it was Bob.Well, accually it the other guy who was following the first guy that told me that.

    Kai: And do these ‘guys’ have names!

    Nya: Yes. The first was called Snotch and the second one following Snotch was Axcus.

    Snotch: *appears from behind bushes* Good work, *looks meanly at Axcus while saying…* Bob!

    Axcus: What? Don’t you like the name Bob?

    Snotch: *sighing* Anyway, letsss bring him to the pit!

    Axcus: THEN can we have pizza?

    Snotch: *sighing again* Fine, if you’ll ssstop bothering me about it.

    Axcus: Yay!

    Nya: So what are we waiting for?

    Axcus: Pizza!

    Snotch: *to Axcus* Not Now! *to Nya* Let’sss GO!!

    *Snakes and Nya bring Kai to the pit and throw him into a cage, where Kai meets up with Jay*

    Jay: Kai! The Snakes are going to trow us into the quicksand!

    Snotch: OK! Axcus, pull the lever!

    Axcus: OK! *pulls lever*

    *Bottom of cage Kai and Jay are in drops out*

    *Kai and Jay fall into the quicksand*

    Kai: Now what do we do?

    *Nya runs off into the forest*

    Jay: Kai, were sinking!

    Kai: What do you want me to do?

    Jay: Uhhh… Kai, you’re sinking faster than i am!

    Kai: Wait, WHAT?!?!?

    *Jay was up to his waist in quicksand while Kai was up to his chest*

    Jay: Kai, grab my hand!

  5. *Kai grabs Jay’s hand*

    *Kai all of the sudden sinks below the quicksand*

    Jay: KAI!!!!

    *All of the sudden a vine is thrown in front of Jay*

    *Jay grabs the vine and someone pulls Jay out, along with Kai, still holding Jay’s hand*

    Nay: Are you two Okay?

    Jay: Nya! You remember!

    Nya: Yeah. When i saw you two in danger, i remembered everything.

    Jay: That is a relief!

    Nya: Kai? Are you Okay?

    *Kai doesn’t respond*

    Jay: KAI!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kai: *wakes up* Huh? Nya? Nya! You’re Okay!

    Nya: I could the same for you.

    Jay: Let’s get out of here!

    Nya: Agreed! Oh, and by the way, i found out the GPS also shows where the exit to the level is. So let’s go!

    *Kai, Jay, and Nya all find the level door and go into it*

    *Later back at the pit*

    Axcus: *Mouth full of pizza* Sssnotch! The ninja are gone!

    Snotch: What?!?!?! Oh, those ninja! They will pay for thisss if it isss the last thing I do!