for the unknown saga...................


  1. Episode 1
    The return of the fang blades
    Ever since the destruction of the bounty, the ninjas roam Ninjago for a new home.

    lloyd: i hope my dad comes back some time.
    kai: i hope not
    x Lloyd slaps kai x
    kai: calm down kid! What was that for?
    lloyd: oops! I, um, slipped on a stick!
    lloyd to zane (whisper): the power of sarcasm!
    x everyone laughs x
    Sensei: let me remind you, kai, that my brother was a great battle advantage. I have finally found a way to heal him.
    A silent gasp went through the campfire
    Kai: WHAT’S THE WAY!???
    X everyone looks at kai X
    Kai: not that I really care.
    Sensei: A-nny-wways,it is the four fang blades.
    Zane: we must destroy them after we heal Garmadon.
    Jay: – AFTER healing everyone else who got bitten. To Ouroborus!
    Lloyd: LET’SGONOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nya: Where are they? I remember seeing them a little while after the great devourer disappeared.
    Lloyd: its probably buried down where the “great” devourer came from. LET’SGONOWAGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
    Cole: (sigh)

    Lloyd: look! It’s a picture of me!
    Jay: The prophicky!
    Zane: prophecy.
    Kai: I WANTED TO BE THE GREEN NINJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    X bangs fists and head on the prophecy wall and wall opens up x
    Cole: the fang blades!
    X takes one step forward and a huge pillar crashes in front of them x
    Lloyd: DAD???!!!
    Garmadon: SMALL NOW, NINJA!
    Nya: how do we get the fang blades now? He has the dark bolt!
    Zane: Left!
    X dark bolt crashes on the ground next to where they were X
    Lloyd: Dad…….

  2. Lloyd: Dad, come on, you know you want to return to how you were! Right?
    Garmadon: NO! I DON’T!!! YAAHHH!
    X smashes giant sword into the ground, nearly hitting Cole x
    X drops weapons and picks up ninjas x
    Garmadon: Now, which one of you should I destroy first?
    X ninjas squirm to get away x
    Garmadon: I know. I WILL DESTROY KAI FIRST!
    X puts Cole under his foot and readies his sword x
    Cole: Hey, ever heard of washing up? Stinks down here!
    Lloyd: Hey Dad! You only have a sword to destroy Kai! Why not use this dagger?
    Garmadon: I knew you would be as evil as me one day!
    Zane: Apparently, the dark lord must be one of us!
    X Garmadon takes dagger and blinding purple light emerges from him x
    Garmadon: NO! NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lloyd: Knew it would work!
    X Garmadon shrinks to the size of a speck, then grows again as tall as Lloyd x
    Lloyd: Dad, you’re only as tall as me!
    Garmadon: When your uncle put the spell on me, I became much more older, but still equal power. Even if I am now extremely old, my power is still aging now after the devourer bit me.
    Jay: Whoa, so you’re telling us you have the same power as you did when you were a little kid?
    Garmadon: Yes.
    Kai: By the way Lloyd, how did you get one fang blade to give him? There are four, not just one!
    Lloyd: they combine very easy. Let’s go h – oh wait…
    Garmadon: what are you talking about? You want a home, I’ll give you one!
    x suddenly, the ground shakes and the serpentine tribes resurface x
    Skales: No one livessss for long after they have been healed from the great devourer’s bite! ATAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!