The Secret of the Snakes By: Fangtom

this will have all the sagas by fangtom


  1. Cole:HELLO!

    Lord Garmadon:Hello , Cole (sniggers to himself)


    Lord Garmadon:(runs away and steals the golden wepons)

    Cole: Kai where have you been

    Kai Down at the arcade playing Ninjas vs Snakes I bet level 3

    Cole: OK but Lord Garmadon stole our golden weapons

    Kai: He what

    Cole: He stole…

    Kai: Yes yes I know that but our weapons

    Unknown guy: LET ME IN NOW!!!!!!

  2. Kai:(opens door)



    Cole:Lord Garmadon stole our golden weapons

    Jay:So what are we waiting for

    (later at the underworld)

    Cole:Hey there`s Garmadon

    Lord Garmadon: Skeletons attack


    (Kills all of the Skeletons)

    Kai:Give them back!

    Lord Garmadon:What these things(Drops them into lava)

    Kai:Why on earth did you do that for

    Lord Garmadon:I don`t know they just slid out my hands




    Lord Garmadon:Argh

    (All return to ninjago inclueding lord garmadon)

    Kai:Lord Garmadon what is that behind you

    Lord Garmadon: Nothing

    Cole:I see it too

    Lord Garmadon: NOTHING

    Jay:They are golden

    Lord Garmadon:ARGH

  3. Lord Garmadon: Fine (Takes real golden weapons from behind him)

    Jay: Why did you lie?

    Cole: And what did you chuck into the lava

    Kai: Yeah

    Lord Garmadon: They were metal decoys HA HA HA HA HA

    Kai: What is so funny?

    Lord Garmadon: Your face HA HA HA HA

    Jay: Oh really (Kicks him out of destiny`s bounty)

  4. Lord Garmadon: Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Cole: Jay wow I`m shocked

    Jay: Me too

    Kai: Me three

    Lasha: Might asss well sssstop having a party

    Fangtom: And find usss the fang bladessssss

    Cole: Agh

    Kai: Why would we team up with you

    Fangdam: You would team up with ussss becausssse

    Spitta: We are trying to sssstop Pythor and the Hypnobrai

    Jay: Well if that’s why we`ll team up

    Zane: Hi

    Kai: Where have you been?

    Zane: Spying on the Serpentine and then when I heard that some snakes were coming I came as fast as I could

    Jay: As long as your safe

    Fangtom: Zane!

    Snike: You desssssstroyed half of the Hypnobrai

    Zane: Yes, yes I did

    Cole: Let`s stop chatting and stop Pythor and the Hypnobrai

    Jay: I agree

    Fangtom: Too the snakebusssss

    Kai: Can we come on the snakesbus?

    Snappa: Of courssse!

    Jay: This snakebus is awesome

    Kai: Yes it is

    Cole: Time to roll the dice (rolls dice) yes I got a perfect 6

    Zane: (Rolls dice)Aw I got an imperfect 1

    Kai: How’s the game of Snakes and Ninja Ladders

    Zane: Boring Cole is winning every game (freezes the game board)

    Cole: Zane!

    (Lasha comes in)

    Lasha: We are here!

    Jay: Yahoo!

    (They get out of the snakesbus and end up at a volcano)

    Zane: Is this the snake base.

    Bytar: Yesssssssssssss it issssss but it issssssss Pythor`ssss

    Snike: Ssssso we will have too sssssneak in.

    Kai: So what are we waiting for? let`s go!

    Jay: Hey that’s my line!

    Fangtom: Charge in ,then.

    Pythor: NINJA!!!

    Snakes: Plus snakes

    Pythor: (runs away into the Fang Blade holder)

    Zane: (gets there just after)

    Pythor: Your too late all the Fangblades are in place and there`s nothing you can do

    Zane: Oh yeah (kicks Fangblades really far away)

    Pythor: Snakes get the Fangblades

    All snakes: Yes sir (Suddenly Cole, Jay and Kai get caught)

    Zane: No!(freezes Pythor)

    (the good snakes free Cole, Jay and Kai)

    Jay: That was a lot of coolness Evan getting trapped

    (12 hours later)

    Pythor: (Ice melts and he escapes) I am free HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!