Allia, Ryo and Ian saga By Allia wind ninja


  1. Ian: Oh there you guys are! *doesn’t pay attention and training device hits him* Gah!

    Me: Hahaha! What a fail, Ian.

    Ian: *annoyed*

    Ryo: Do you know when our next mission will be?

    *alarm sounds*

    Ryo: Nevermind.

    *we rush into control room*

    Me: Apparently, there is signs that a group of Serpentine are based in the Boulder Caverns.

    Ian: Yeah! Finally, a chance to fight those dumb snakes!

    *heads off to Boulder Caverns*

    Ryo: We must be careful in entering.

    Me: Right. You never know when they might show up.

    *sneaks in*

    Ian: So… what’s going on here?

    Me: They’re meeting up for something…

    *listens in*

    Ian: This is getting boring! When do we get to fight?

    Ryo: Shush, Ian! They might hear us!

    Venomari: Look! There’s some ninja here!

    Me: How do they always spot us!?

    *Serpentine chase after us and we fight our way out*

    Ian: The ninja win again!

    Ryo: Ian, stop bragging, and let’s get out of here!

    Me: Hurry up, guys!

    Ian: Hey, wait up!

    *we get back to the base*

    Me: Now we have even more clues to finding the Fang Blades!

    Morning in Ninjago, and on Destiny’s Bounty, things are the same as any morning. Except that Allia, Ryo, and Ian have come to pair up with the other ninja, Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane.

    Kai: Let me guess, you guys are here just to help us on our next mission.

    Allia: Actually, Kai, you got that right.

    Jay: I know it’s nice of you, but we can manage ourselves.

    Ryo: Not when we’re busting a Serpentine Fang Blade hunt.

    Jay: Well, how was I supposed to know that!?

    Ian: You weren’t.

    Zane: Just as Ryo said, that appears to be today’s mission.

    Cole: We’re nearby the caverns and I don’t think the snakes inside are waiting to greet us.


    Kai: Get a move on! We have to stop them from finding the Fang Blade!

    Zane: Just don’t make any loud noises.

    Ian: Hey, I think I see ‘em up ahead!

    Cole: Come on, let’s sneak around them.

    Jay: If they see us, we can still kick their scaly little butts!

    Allia: Kai, they might notice your sword if it’s ignited.

    Kai: Ah, good point.

    Ian: I think they were expecting us, like Cole said!

    Cole: I said I thought they weren’t going to GREET us, not TRAP us!

    Zane: It’s too tight! I can’t move!

    Ryo: What do you know, we can’t move either.

    Pythor: Oh, excellent! I jussst knew that the ninja would ssshow up! (laughs evilly)

    Ryo: Stupid snakes… ›:(

    Cole: Oh, great.


    Ian: WHAT THE…!? WHO

    Allia: Um… no one look down, okay?

    Kai: We’re hanging above an acid pit!!!

    Ryo: Let my friends go, Pythor!

    Pythor: Oh I will, in return for something. Ryo, why didn’t you join the Serpentine? You are one, after all.

    Ryo: Only part, because of the Fangpyre! I would never join you!

    Pythor: What if I told you that if you don’t, your friends die. If you do, they’ll be freed.

    Ryo: Yeah right, Pythor! You’d kill them no matter what! And I won’t let that happen!

    Allia: Hey, this rope isn’t sticky! We can escape!

    Zane: Yes, but if the timing isn’t right, it’s over.

    Kai: Then we won’t mess up!

    Cole: Come on, we’re almost there…

    Pythor: You thought I wouldn’t notice that? Lasha, prepare to hit the button!

    Ryo: (If I do nothing, it’s hopeless!) Fine Pythor, i’ll join the Serpentine.

  2. Last time, we followed the ninjas in trying to stop the Serpentine from finding the Fang Blade! However, now we find them hanging above a deadly acid pit!

    Pythor: You’ve truly given up, Ryo? I was expecting more from you.

    Ryo: I’ll do anything to rescue my friends! Even join you!

    Zane: He seems to have a lot of dedication.

    Allia: Just keep wriggling!

    Cole: Yeah! We did it!

    *all six move over to the cave’s floor*

    Ian: But Ryo’s already switched sides!

    Kai: You’re right! He’s been bitten by a Fangpyre!

    Allia: Uh, guys? Look around. We’re surrounded!

    Ian: A good chance to use Spinjutzu! Finally!

    Jay: Ian, you really like Spinjutzu, don’t you?

    Ian: Pretty much.

    All Six: NINJA-GO!!!


    Cole: Ryo and Pythor must have left while we were fighting.

    Kai: Then we’re gonna have to hunt them down!

    Allia: Hey guys, remember that abandoned building?

    Zane: The one which the Serpentine turned into a base?

    Allia: That’s the one. Anyways, I think they might be there.

    Jay: Well, let’s check it out!


    Jay: Look, there they are!

    Zane: We have to try convincing him.

    Ian: Yeah, but either it’s a trap or we have to fight Ryo. I’m guessing both.

    *jumps down to the lower area where Ryo is*

    Kai: Ryo, we’re not here to fight, but we need you back on the team.

    Ryo: Well, too bad. It’sss time for me to finisssh you!

    Allia: Oh-no! He’s more of a snake than I thought he would be!

    Zane: Being part-Serpentine at the start might have sped the process up!

    Cole: Looks like we have to fight him!

    Pythor: I can’t wait to have thossse ninja done for!

    Allia: We have strength in numbers though. There’s 6 of us and only 1 of him.

    All: NINJA-GO!!!

    Ian: Keep ramming him!

    *Ryo changes into a shadow*

    Kai: Ryo transformed into a shadow! Can we fight him with ours?

    Allia: Honestly, I don’t know.

    Kai: But he’s your teammate! HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW!?

    Cole: There he is!

    *Cole tries punching him but Ryo grabs his fist and looks up*

    Ryo: Pythor’sss gone. Now I can ssstop pretending to fight you.

    Ian: It was only a charade!?

    Ryo: Yeah, it wasss.

    Zane: But the fact that you’re turning more and more into a snake isn’t.

    Jay: We have to get the anti-venom!

    Allia: Pythor went this way! Hurry!


    Cole: There’s the Fangpyre Staff.

    Ian: Gah! Oh wait, it’s just you, Ryo.

    Ryo: Let me guesss, I look very much like a sssnake.

    Kai: You look almost exactly like one.

    Allia: Stop chatting and let’s get that staff!

    *ninja split up into two groups, one distracts while the other gets the staff*

    Jay: I got it!

    Zane: Good. Now let’s give the anti-venom to Ryo.

    *Ryo returns to normal*

    Pythor: And to think this was it for them… *vanishes carrying the staff*

    Ryo: Huh? I can’t tell where Pythor is like I usually can!

    Zane: The anti-venom must’ve gotten rid of all the Fangpyre’s poison!

    Allia: He’s no longer part-snake!

    Ian: But Ryo’s no longer immune to the Venomari or the Hypnobrai.

    Ryo: At least Pythor isn’t after me anymore!

    Jay: And it’s about time we got out of here!

  3. Last time, we saw the ninja escape the acid pit and rescue Ryo from turning into a snake and he is no longer part Serpentine!

    Now we find them hunting for Cloudburst Spire, location of the next Fang Blade! So now let’s join them in Ian’s hometown.

    Ian: Well, here it is!

    Cole: The town’s huge!

    Ryo: Skypoint is one of the largest settlements, second only to Ninjago City.

    Jay: That explains a lot!

    Kai: So, Ian, why are we here anyway?

    Ian: To see my friend Xavier. I got a letter from him saying he’s back from his last adventure.

    Zane: What type of adventures?

    Ian: You know, fighting Serpentine and such.

    Allia: Really? With what weapon?

    Xavier: A bow, to answer your question.

    Ian: Oh, there’s Xavier!

    Xavier: Let’s go to my house. Then Ian, you can introduce your friends here.


    Xavier: So, who are all of you?

    Ian: This is Ryo, Allia, Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane.

    Xavier: Nice to meet you all. I’m guessing you guys -and girl, sorry- are trying to find Cloudburst Spire?

    Allia: Yeah, and it’s alright, I don’t care.

    Zane: Do you have any idea where it is?

    Xavier: I have a lead, but it’s not that good.

    Jay: Any lead is good for us!

    Kai: We don’t have any idea on where to start.

    Xavier: Then it’s good you came to me!


    Cole: You sure this is it?

    Xavier: It sure is.

    Ryo: Seems like we’re not the only ones searching! There’s the Serpentine!

    Cole: With that Fang Blade, Pythor made Cloudburst Spire appear!

    Allia: Ready with that bow, Xavier?

    Xavier: Already on it! *fires a round of arrows* I’ll distract ‘em, and you guys go. I’ll catch up with you later.

    Kai: C’mon! The snakes are higher up than we are!

    Zane: Here comes Xavier!

    Xavier: Whew! Made it!

    Ryo: Hurry. We’re running out of time!


    Jay: We made it! The last two floors!

    Allia: Let’s get a move on!

    Xavier: What’s this? *peers inside chest* Empty!

    Hypnobrai: Looking for sssomething?

    Xavier: Great. Just great. *flips over Hypnobrai and fires an arrow in midair* Gotta to catch up with the others.

    Ian: Hey, where’s Xavier?

    Xavier: Sorry, had a little snake problem.

    Cole: It’s alright. Now let’s get up there!

    Allia: Hand over the Fang Blade, Pythor!

    Pythor: Ssso sssorry, but I found it firssst.

    Kai: Then we’re going to take it from you!

    Pythor: Get them, boysss!

    All: NINJA-GO!!!

    Xavier: Whoa! Is that Spinjutzu!?

    *is hit by a Venomaro/s mace and slams against the wall*

    Xavier: You’ll pay for that! *fires arrows at that same Venomari* Wait a minute, DID THEY JUST SURROUND ME!?

    Zane: Where did the Serpentine go!?

    Allia: There they are!

    Ryo: And they surrounded Xavier!

    Ian: Those snakes can’t do that!!!

    Pythor: But we can! *pushes Xavier out the window*

    Ian: Oh-no! Xavier!!!

    Xavier: I’m… fine. *is trying to pull back into the tower*

    Constrictai: Not today! *prys Xavier’s fingers off the windowsill*

    Xavier: AHHHHHHHHHHHH! *is plummeting thousands of feet towards the ground*

    Ian: Hold on, Xavier! *jumps out the window*

    All: IAN!!! *while the other ninjas are in shock, Pythor and his croonies leave with the Fang Blade*

    Xavier: Ian, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?

    Ian: Trying to rescue you from this fall!

    Xavier: But Ian, you don’t have to sacrifice yourself for me! You’re more important than I am! I’m just an archer who occasionally fights off snakes from time to time. You on the other hand, fight the Serpentine for Ninjago’s peace!

    Ian: That may be so, but you were the one to give me the determination to do all that!

    *Ian transforms into NRG form*

    Ian: That standing, I’m not giving up on saving your life!

    *Ian grabs Xavier and soars up to the top where the others are and lands*

    Allia: Ian’s unlocked his full potential!

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  5. kai: When do i get my chance?
    *Ian transforms back to normal*
    Ian: I did it! I unlocked my full potential!
    Cole: Even so, He's still as energetic as ever
    Ryo: Kai, remember that me and Allia haven't unlocked ours, either

  6. Kai: I know, but i don't want to be the last one!
    Allia: Don't worry it'll happen soon enough

  7. Last time, we followed the ninja in trying to get the Fang Blade located at Cloudburst Spire. Now we join Ryo, where something important is going to happen…

    Ryo: It’ll be a while until the others show up. That’s enough time for me to do something of mine…


    Allia: C’mon Ian, time to get back to the base.

    Ian: What about Ryo?

    Allia: He can get back by himself.

    Ian: All right, but you never know with him…

    *Back with Ryo…*

    Ryo: Let’s just hope I can do this again…

    *opens up a portal*

    Ryo: Still got it! *smiles weakly* Took a little too much of my energy though.

    *leaps through portal*

    Ryo: Well, here I am, at the Shadowlands. *portal closes* and now I’m stranded here.

    Garmadon: I see you’ve finally returned.

    Ryo: You. *clenches teeth* I haven’t forgotten that time when I was forced out from the Underworld into a Fangpyre cave.

    Garmadon: You dwell on the past too much.

    Ryo: *mumbles* I could say the same about you.

    Garmadon: But I wasn’t the one to put you in the cave, it was Samukai.

    Ryo: He wanted to get rid of me!

    Garmadon: The reason you are here is because of that, isn’t it?

    Ryo: …It was. But I don’t need your help to return to Ninjago. *turns away from Garmadon* and don’t think I don’t know what kind of situation you’re in, because I do.

    (Meanwhile in Ninjago…)

    Ian: It’s been a while and Ryo hasn’t shown up yet. Don’t you think that’s a little suspicious?

    Allia: Yeah, I’m starting to worry about him.

    Ian: Think we should look for him?

    Allia: I guess…

    (Later in the Shadowlands…)

    Ryo: I must’ve taken a wrong turn, because I don’t think the way back is through this cave.


    Ryo: What the…!?

    *dragon steps out of the cave*

    Ryo: It’s the Darkness Dragon! That means I’m going to have to fight in order to continue back!

    Darkness Dragon: RAWR! (Try to impress me with your skills or be destroyed!)

    Ryo: Wait a minute! I don’t have to defeat it, I can just impress it! Forgot about that.

    Darkness Dragon: ROAR!!! (Time to defeat you!) *charges up for a breath attack*

    Ryo: (My friends are depending on me, and I depend on them. I can’t fail! That’s because they’re the only ones I can trust!) I’m not letting them down!

    *Ryo transforms into NRG form*

    Ryo: Take this!

    *both attacks hit each other*


    Darkness Dragon: Rwoar… (Amazing…)

    *dragon lowers its head*

    Darkness Dragon: Grawr. (You have proved yourself. I am now honored to be your ally,
    ninja of darkness.)

    Ryo: Can’t believe I did it! But I still need to get back to Ninjago…

    Darkness Dragon: Roarrg. (I can take care of that.)

    Back in Ninjago…

    Ian: Ryo! RYO!

    Allia: It’s almost as if he disappeared!

    Ian: Let me guess, no sight of him up there?

    Allia: Yeah, I can’t spot him from above.


    Ryo: We made it!

    Darkness Dragon: Roawr. (I told you so.)

    Ryo: Hey, I think you should have a nickname, like…um…Shadow.

    Shadow: Groarrg. (Fine with me.)

    Ryo: Look! There are the others! Land there, Shadow.

    Ian: There he is! But what’s he riding on?

    Allia: It looks like a dragon!

    Ryo: Sorry that I’m late! I have someone you’d like to meet, though.

    Ian: You mean this dragon!?

    Ryo: Correct. This is Shadow.

    Allia: Cool, but we better get going soon.

    Ryo: Right.

    Ian: How come Ryo gets a dragon? I’m the first one to unlock my full potential!