arcade attack by:jay

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  1. one day when jay and zane were walking jay said:
    Jay: hey zane want to go to the arcade?.cause im bored.
    Jay: sweet,since we destoyed the great devourer we dont have to worry abought the serpentine.
    *Jay and Zane go to the arcade*
    *near the arcade two serpentine were walking*
    *one snake said to the other*
    Bulkas: hey hypnos lets go destroy that arcade.
    Hypnos: Why would you want to do that? I love going there to play. excapt no one ever plays that really cool hunting game with me……ya know what bulkas lets do it.
    Bulkas: great i cant wait
    *Meanwhile inside the arcade Jay and zane were having a great time*
    Jay: Zane im tired of playing this game lets play that racing game.
    Zane: ok but prepare two get owned
    Jay ha you will be lucky to finish a lap by the time i win
    Zane and jay start racing and then the two snakes start racing:
    Bulkas: everyone im going to destroy this arcade.
    Zane: well they didnt….jay were are you?
    Jay: im right here im hiding
    Zane: get over here or il tell nya youre a chicken.
    Jay: fine
    Hypnos: il get the blue ninja you get the white one
    Bulkas: alright
    Jay: lightning attack! WATISCO! :hits hypnos in the face and he falls over:
    Zane: eat my ice serpentine :freazes bulkas:
    Hypnos: BULKAS! :hypnos runs out of the arcade and was never seen again:
    Jay: well id say i did pretty good what do you think zane?
    Zane: i guess but i think i was better. Jay: lets finish this over a game of pinball.
    THE END =)