golden ninja saga By The Golden ninja (sarah)_

this will have all the golden ninja sagas


  1. The four ninja were not practicing at ALL. They were just playing on their video games, but then they heard a crash coming from the bridge.

    Kai: Nya? Is that you?

    *Nya came in*

    Nya: What do you mean?

    Cole: Didn’t you hear that?

    Nya: Umm… No

    Kai ran to the bridge to see a mysterious golden ninja transferring files.

    Four Ninja: WHO ARE YOU!?!?

    *Kai jumped to the golden ninja and tried to corner him. The Ninja kicked Kai in the face but Cole jumped in the way and punched him.Jay tried to zap the ninja but he jumped out of the way. Zane tried to freeze the ninja but instead he froze the table. As the ninja jumped, he dropped something. He didn’t notice so he ran away.*

    Cole: Darn we missed him!

    Zane: Look what he dropped!

    Kai: Looks like a diary

    Jay: A BOY with a dairy? HA HA HA

    Cole: Um… well maybe he’s a little sad uh

    Jay: You’re not even making any sense

    Kai: Let’s just read it

    *Zane read the diary out loud*

    May 24th 2009
    Dear Diary,
    I have a secret… I’m in love with Garmadon

    Cole: WHAT?!?!

    Zane: Hold on, maybe he is a she

    Kai: -mumbling- And I think she needs to take another look at her true love ugh

    Jay took the diary from Zane (since he wasn’t reading) and started reading out loud himself

    Well, he’s in love with me too so we’re going on a date! Oh, here he is right now!!!

    Cole: That’s weird…

    Zane: She must have wanted nobody to see this Read more

    Jay read:
    May 25th 2009
    Dear Diary,
    Something very scary happened. When I saw Garmadon he had red eyes! He triedto kill me! I am kin-...

    Cole: Go on

    Jay: Thats all it says. There is a big blob of ink under that.

    Zane: That girl must be scared to death

    *Kai took the diary and went to the next page.*
    Next page,
    Finally when he went to the seventh page he saw something

    Kai read:
    June 12th 2009
    Dear diary,
    Garmadon captured me and killed my parents. Right now I’m in a cell and Garmadon said he’d be attacking someone called Kai.

    Cole: So she was there maybe it was when Garmadon lured Kai into the fire temple.

    Zane: Keep reading

    Apparently he can turn into a shadow…. wait Garmadon just walked past me… I’m going to ask him if he can be two people. I’m back and I’ve learned something very important, that shadow is NOT Garmadon. He’s my old friend that cursed me years ago. His name is Capex. The way he cursed me was that…….

    Sensei Wu walked in

    Sensei Wu: What are you reading?

    Four ninja: Um….

    Jay: The uh… Ninjago hi-history aaa…

    Sensei Wu: Ninjago history?

    Cole: Um... Sensei? Can I ask you a question?

    Sensei Wu: Yes?

    Cole: Well, have you heard of a golden ninja named….. um… well we don’t know her name.

    Sensei Wu: Well, Um uh… No not at all

    The four Ninja walked outside of the ship. Little did they know that the golden ninja was spying on them.

    Cole: Did you hear that.

    Jay: Hear what?

    Cole: Sensei Wu was hesitating. It must be a secret like the green ninja.

    Zane: *whispering* Kai hasn’t been saying a lot since he read that diary.

    *Kai heard them*

    Kai: Sorry guys but I’ve been wondering, why did she transfer our files?

    Jay: Boy, that’s a good question I never thought of that.

    Suddenly, the four ninja noticed a golden statue and they were going to crash into it!

    Zane: Oh no!

    Lloyd’s voice came on the Loud Speaker

  2. Lloyd: Don’t worry guys!

    The ship turned away from that

    Kai: Lloyd, find some place to land! We’re gonna find out what that statue was for.

    The ship landed in the front of a small town. the four ninja stood before it. The villagers seemed a bit frightened by them Sensei Wu came to see why they landed but stopped when he saw the town.

    Sensei Wu: Oh my. Uh… where are we?

    Jay: I don’t really know

    One of the villagers: Look! It’s Sarah! Are you okay?

    The ninja looked to see the golden ninja again. She jumped off the ship silently and so did the ninja and Sensei Wu.

    Kai: *whispering* She doesn’t talk much

    Zane: Neither do you

    Cole: Is that statue who I think it is?

    Jay: Lord…. Garmadon

    Sensei Wu: It can’t be

    A Villager: Do you like our statue? It took hours to build.

    Cole: Yeah but, why Garmadon?

    Another Villager: He’s our hero. Capex can’t kill us as long as we’re here near our statue. We do not think of him as a god though. But, he’s Sarah’s love.

    Kai heard none of this. While the villagers were talking, he snuck away and read more of the diary.

    Kai Read:
    The way he cursed me was that he took away my strength. But I can only destroy my enemies when he wants me to. He roams inside me and controls me. When he’s not in me, I can do whatever I want. Capex also took my voice away. The only way I can communicate is by writing.Once Capex is destroyed, I can talk again.

    Kai was very shocked to see this. He was going to tell the others, but he knows he had to keep it a secret.

    Kai was reading the diary when he noticed someone behind him. He heard a laugh sounding like Garmadon’s shadow.

    Kai: Wh-who’s there?

    Voice: Nice to see you again, Kai

    Kai: Who are-are you. Show yourself!

    Voice: I go by the name… Capex.

    Kai knew he couldn’t yell for help because he was far away from his friends.

    Capex appeared behind him.

    Capex: And this time, you can’t yell for help.

    Kai: I thought everyone was safe when the statue is up.

    Capex: Just like you said, “Only when it’s up”.

    Kai: The statue is torn down? Oh no!

    Capex punched Kai in the face and Kai flew out of his hiding place

    A villager: Look that guy! He got hit… wait,… who’s that? IT’S CAPEX! RUN!!!

    Capex and Sarah ran at each other. Capex kept punching Sarah in the face and when Sarah finally fell over, they both saw Kai sword.

    A Villager: That’s the sword that gives either Sarah or Capex power. Whoever gets there first will be invincible! GO SARAH!

    Capex and Sarah both ran to the sword also fighting each other.

  3. Capex finally kicked Sarah in the stomach and she fell silently. Capex picked up the sword.

    Capex: Finally, Watch out Sarah. This time I’m letting you off the hook, but next time
    you won’t be so lucky.

    Capex disappeared.

    villager: Now he has all the power in the world. Sarah, what do we

  4. *Later in the Destiy's Bounty*

    Kai: Sarah? Can I ask you a question? It’s a secret.

    Sarah nodded her head

    Kai took her back to his hiding place and took the diary off the ground.

    Kai: It says Capex took your voice away. Is that true?

    Sarah: He did…..

    Kai: Oh so you can talk

    Sarah: I can now…

    Kai: How come you didn’t say it in your diary?

    Sarah took the diary and went to the next page

    Kai: Oh…

    Kai took off Sarah’s hood to see what she looked like. Sarah had long brown hair in a braid.

    Kai: Why did you never take off your hood?

    Sarah: I’m a mess…

    Kai: Not to me you aren’t

    Kai took her hands

    Jay: HA HA HA HA HA -breath- HA HA HA -cough cough-HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!

    Kai's face turned red

    Kai: JAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kai: JAY!!!!!!!!!!

    Jay: HA HA I’m -cough cough- sorry It’s just-

    Kai: I WILL say it

    Jay: No! please go… HA HA HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

    Sarah: What?

    Kai: Jay kissed his pillow

    *Jay stopped laughing. His face turned red. He ran away*

    *Sarah sighed*

    Kai: What's wrong?

    Sarah: I know I have to tell you sometime

    Kai: Tell me what?

    Sarah: Garmadon’s secret

    Kai’s eyes got wide

    Sarah: He’s not really evil. The snake that bit him, it wasn’t the Great Devourer; it was Capex.

    Kai: eyes got wider

    Sarah: Capex knocked out Garmadon and made him very sick. But he also controlled him. Until one day I fought Garmadon. Once I won him he passed out. Capex found his last target, me

    Sensei Wu and the other three ninja walked to where they were.

    Sensei Wu: It is time to go back to the ship.

    Kai: Can Sarah come?

    Cole: Sure, we could use all the help we can get.

    Sensei Wu: Then it is settled

    *They all walked on the ship.*

  5. Kai: -Whispering- Are you gonna tell them about your voice?

    Sarah: I need to keep it a secret

    Kai: -Clears Throat- Well, I’ll go show Sarah her room

    Kai and Sarah walked into a spare room on the ship

    Kai: We had to repair the ship since the Great Devourer destroyed it. It was really hard

    Sarah sighed

    Kai: You okay?

    Sarah: You know that diary?

    Kai: yeah

    Sarah: Well… I need to tell you something that I didn’t say in my diary. But, I trust you not to tell anyone

    Kai: I won’t tell anyone, I promise

    Sarah took a deep breath

    Sarah: Capex and I have met before. I was the one that helped Garmadon become in charge of the skeleton army

    Kai: How could you?! The skeleton army are evil and-

    Sarah: I’m not done yet. You see, if I hadn’t fallen with him into the underworld… Well, let’s just say that I saved you all, it made me stronger. You would’ve all been destroyed by Capex if it weren’t for me.

    Kai: How come?

    Sarah: Because… you need to rely on Garmadon to save you…

    Kai: WHAT??!??!?!? You’re not making any sense!

    Sarah: quiet! Now, me and Garmadon were dating as you know. When I came for out 4th date, he had red eyes. He was about to kill Wu. So I ran but, this hole caved into the ground. I fell with Garmadon but before he found me, I escaped.

    Kai: Where did you hi-



    Jay: Heh heh, uh… It’s uh, time for dinner

    Kai: Okay, I’ll be there in a sec

    Once Jay left Kai looked at Sarah

    Kai: You coming?

    Sarah: Uh.. No thanks. I need to do something. Besides I’m not hungry

    Kai: Alright.

    Kai walked to the dinner table

    Jay: Sooo, how’s your girlfriend?

    Kai couldn’t handle it any longer. He hit Kai right in the face and tackled him to the ground.

    Kai: DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jay: Kai I just-

    Kai: DON’T TALK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sensei Wu got up

    Sensei Wu: Kai! Stop!

    Kai punched sensei too

    Zane punched Kai.
    Suddenly, Kai’s eyes went red

    Cole: RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

    Meanwhile Sarah went to the bridge and started looking at the files.
    Her heart pounded in her chest as she pressed more buttons.

    Sarah: What’s this? Oh no!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sarah ran to the deck but stopped when she saw Kai trying to destroy his friends. Sarah was about to talk but she remembered she was going to keep her voice a secret.
    So instead she attacked Kai

  6. Zane: Sarah! HEEEEELP!

    Sarah knew why he was being like this. So she spoke.

    Sarah: Don’t worry, I’m right here…. brother

    Kai disappeared

    Cole: I thought you were still doing that silent treatMENT! SARAH!!!!!!!!!!

    Suddenly, Capex was behind her. He had the sword of fire

    Sarah: Why have you become so evil you fool?

    Capex: You already know.

    He lifted up his sword. Sarah was paralyzed with fear. Someone pushed her away fortunately.

    Sarah: Garmadon?

    Garmadon: Capex! I’ve had enough of you!

    Garmadon took out a sword and started trying to fight Capex

    Capex: Oh how pathetic I can’t stand how slow you’re moving, you’re like a turtle, yes a black turtle

    With that, Capex disappeared. Cole hit Garmadon

    Cole: Dude, you’re so confusing. Kai had his sword, how come we don’t have our weapons?

    Garmadon: Because Kai is going to be alot of help to defeat Capex

    Sarah: Garmadon, I need to tell you something important… oh, uh yeah I forgot

    Sarah closed her eyes. Suddenly, Kai popped up next to Sarah

    Jay, Zane, Cole: Kai!

    while they were all crowding around Kai asking him questions, Sarah pulled Garmadon back

    Sarah: I heard Pythor was loose

    Garmadon: I saw him. Pythor was talking to Capex about taking over together. I couldn’t hear them much because I only got to hear Pythor say something about taking over together, then I heard Go ninja Go

    Sarah: Well, that’s not surprising

    Garmadon: Is there anything else?

    Sarah: Yes, one more thing. I figured out that Capex can take form of anyone

    Garmadon: what?

    Sarah: In the whole world

    Kai came over to Sarah

    Kai: Thanks for saving me

    Sarah elbowed Garmadon

    Garmadon: Alright, here are your weapons

    Garmadon gave the four ninja their weapons

    Zane: Thank you Garmadon

    Garmadon: Well, I guess I’m not all that evil. From now on we’ll have to do teamwork to defeat Capex. Good Luck.

  7. Sensei Wu was drinking tea in his room of the ship when he heard yelling and fighting.

    Cole: No Kai, Jays right, It’s your fault

    Zane: Well, you were trying to destroy us

    Jay: Oh, I forgot, Capex didn’t even take form of you when you tackled me!!!

    Kai just stared at his feet

    Sensei Wu walked over to the ninja. They turned to him

    Sensei Wu: This is NOT how you should be acting to your BROTHER! Apoigise! NOW!

    Jay: -rolling his eyes- I’m sorry Kai… Kai?

    Kai was nowhere to be seen. Cole looked down from the ship. There was Kai.

    Everyone: KAIIII!!!!!!!

    Kai landed on the ground easly

    Zane: Phew, It’s good he’s okay

    Jay: Yeah but where is he GOING!??!!?

    Kai ran off into a narrow and dark pathway

    A voice: Kai is that you?

    Kai: Wh-who are you?

    The voice: It’s me Pythor. Listen, you need to get out of here or he’ll kill you too!

    Kai: Who?

    Pythor: Capex!

    Kai noticed all around him. There were lots of chains all around.
    Suddenly, the narrow pathway was fine but he was closed in!

    Pythor: Please don’t hurt me I beg you!

    Kai: I won’t just show yourself

    Pythor went out of his hiding place but quickly zipped back in saying

    Pythor: BEHIND YOU!

    Kai looked behind him to see Capex

    Capex Well hello, Kai

    Capex knocked Kai out

  8. Capex knocked Kai out
    Kai woke up, he was chained up too, one chain was around his neck, two were on his hands also stuck to a rock.
    Capex came to him

    Capex: Too bad your friends aren’t here to save you, now where is Sarah?

    Kai just struggled to get away

    Kai: NINJA-GO!!!!!!!!!…….. OW!

    Capex laughed

    Capex: It’s too bad you can’t get away. You see, theese are ninja free
    Will you tell me?

    Kai: NEVER!

    Capex: suit yourself

    Capex pulled on a chain that was connected with the chain on his neck

    Kai: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Meanwhile the ship landed and the four ninja jumped off it

    Cole: Okay Zane, do your thing

    Zane scanned around and found were Kai was They ran to the rocks that blocked them

    The three ninja: NINJA GO!!!!!!!!!!!

    They cleared the rocks

    Jay: Okay so….. do you see that?

    Cole: Pythor!

    Pythor: …….. Um… I can explain

    The ninja took out their weapons

    Pythor: Okay or not

    Zane: I found Kai!

    The ninjs ran over to Kai

    Cole: -just about to cry- Kai uh… Kai

    A voice: He was killed by Capex

    The ninja turned around to see a light purple ninja

    I’m Lexi, I’m Sarahs sensei

    Sarah came out of some near by bushes

    Sarah: -with tears in her eyes- I’m sorry I wouldve told you later but I was too shocked. I can bring him back to life but it will take some time, I’ll need help with Jay too.

    Zane: She’s telling the truth

    Jay: -red face- okay

  9. Ninjago The Golden Legend Episode 9 Alive Again part 1

    All the nija including Lexi went on the ship and to the brige.

    Nya: What happened?!

    Lloyd: Is Kai okay?

    Sensei Wu: it must have been Capex

    Sarah: Yes. Stand back everyone. Jay, shock Kai with your lightning

    Jay shocked Kai
    Kai sat up and looked around

    Jay: WE DID IT!

    Kai fell over again

    Cole: no… we didn’t

    Zane: Sarah, whats wrong?

    Sarah: His memory is all gone

    Jay: So we need to teach him every single thing?

    Kai: Every snugle thing

    Sarah: Um…. does that answer your question?

    Kai: Yowr question

    Jay: KAI!

    Kai: KAI!

    Then Kai ran off making strange noises
    Everyone looked at Sarah, but she just stood there wide eyed

    Sarah: Oh my gosh

    Kai’s head popped in

    Kai: -sounding like a girl- Oh my gosh

  10. Sarah walked to the deck with Cole

    Cole: Man, Kai is really wierd ever since he got revived

    Sarah: Zane told me it was memory lo-

    The sky darkend

    Cole: What the?

    Sarah: I never seen the sky do that before

    The others ran out, except Kai

    Sensei Wu: We saw the sky, whats going on?

    Sarah: Capex!

    Meanwhile Kai was looking around and hiding in dark places

    Do do do do -Kai his his head- OW!

    But then, Kai heard yelling

    voices: HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!

    Kai: healp? help!

    Kai ran over to the deck to see Capex and his friends chained up
    Sarah looked at him, then closed her eyes

    Sarah: I’m right here, brother

    Kai suddenly remembered, how he was killed, how he met his friends, everything. Evern when he was a little boy

    Kai: NINJA- GO!!!!!!!

    Kai cut the chains on hisfriends

    Kai: Sarah! Youre alright! CAPEX YOU CA…….n’t…. where is he?

    Zane: I think he left


    Cole: Um….. okay?

    Jay: phew

    Zane: By the way Sarah, why do you keep saying “Don’t worry I’m-

    Sarah quickly covered Zanes mouth

    Sarah: It’s good I covered your mouth. Thats a very powerful secret line. It lets you do anything you want. You think what you want it to do, then you say the line.

    Cole: That can sure come in handy

    Nya: Well, iit’s good to have you back.

    Jay: But where is Lexi?

    Sarah: I saw her run away before Capex could catch her too. Don’t worry, we’ll see her soon.