Maestrom Jay By: Maestrom Jay


  1. M, Jay: Pythor, is the snake game a success?

    Pythor: Of course. We need to get them ninja in and turn them into snakes! HAHAHAHAHAHAA!

    M, Jay: What about me, Pythor?

    Pythor: You are not them kind of ninja, I know what you mean, don’t worry Jay

    *Lloyd opens a tomb*

    Pythor: Quickly, hide!

    Lloyd: AAAH!

    Pythor: My apologies young man. I see you have a map in your pocket.

    Lloyd: It’s just…Uuuh…Ok! I am looking for the tombs to make an army! MWAHAHAHA!

    Pythor: So I will join you!

    Jay Whispers: Pythor! ARE YOU CRAZY!? HE IS JUST A BO-

    Pythor: Quiet! You will follow my orders! I am spying on this…Uuuh…A childish gender!


    Darkitect: I think our ninja was a success, Butterscorch!

    Butterscorch the dragon from LU: Good! But bad news,

    Darkitect: What?

    Butterscorch: we cannot take over Ninjago!

    Darkitect: What about the help with Garmadon?

    Dark ronin leader: No, he is trapped under the underworld, we can only communicate! I guess we need those weapons to help him come up!

    Darkitect: Good idea!

    King221 (My LU character) Not so fast, Darkitect!

    Darkitect: Oh, you! I knew you and your team would be coming!

    Whatsup (A friend on LU): King221 was a newbie, but now, he is Rank 3 Summoner!

    Darkitect: So be it!

    *Team attacks Darkitect*

    *Darkitect teleports high up and releases Butterscorch*

    *Team uses their Faction powers*

    *Butterscorch falls into Maelstrom vortex*

    *Darkitect gets damaged a tiny bit*

    King221: AstroMysteryEnergy! Build that cannon and shoot Darkitect! But put some imagination in!

    *Astro uses up imagination and fires the cannon damaging Darkitect*


    *Ronin leader summons ronin*

    *Team use imagination blast bombs and The Big One firecrackers*

    *Ronins smash into bricks*

    *King221 builds and fires the cannon*

    Darkitect: AAAH!

    *Darkitect falls to the floor and uses Maelstrom smoke to infect the team*

    Duke Exeter: DARKITECT!!

    *Duke throws a sword attack knocking out the Darkitect*

    Duke: You will pay for turning evil and making the Maelstrom!

    *Duke uses imagination to cure the team*

    *Darkitect’s lair collapses and Duke is gone forever*

    All the team: NOOOOOOOO!!!

    Duke: I am alive! But I’m trapped! Go! Before this place falls down!

    *Team goes into a vortex and brings peace to Crux Prime*

    *The team teleport with Mythrans to Nimbus Station*

    All LU players: HOORAY!!!!!

    *The team are floating by the people carrying them and they meet Echozap*

    King221: It’s all thanks to Echozap! Our good pal of the Dark army and now the Bright army!

    *Meanwhile back at Ninjago*

    M, Jay: Hey, Pythor! TAKE THIS!

    *Maelstrom Jay uses spinjitzu and teleports to the Bounty*

    Jay: Who are you?

    Zane: Yeah!

    Kai: You look like an enemy!

    Cole: Don’t look STRONG to me!

  2. M, Jay: I am Jay, in an Anacondrai one! I have betrayed them and came here; Lloyd is now friends with Pythor!

    Sensei Wu: I do not believe you!

    Pythor: Hello, young Garmadon!

    Lloyd: …

    Pythor: ANACONDRAI!

    *Anacondrai minions rise*

    Nibbles: Pythor, he is just a child!

    Pythor: Quiet Nibbles! As 2nd in command, you, know better than to insult your master!

    Nibbles: Your right master. Sorry master.

    Ferdy: You fool! You know he is under control of Lloyd! You must tell him!

    Nibbles: I know, but now is not the time…


    M, Jay: NINJAGO!!!!

    *Maelstrom Jay uses spinjitzu on the ninja*

    Sensei Wu: IT is true! He is jay in an Anacondrai Prototype made from Garmadon’s friend, Darkitect!

    Zane: I’m sorry Sensei, but, I am a robot.

    Sensei Wu: A WHAT!?!?

    Zane: A robot. And I never knew *Sighs*

    Sensei Wu: Well-

    Cole: Like I just said! “No matter what he is made of, he is still our brother”

    M, Jay: But not the only Robot, I am a robot myself! Made from the Darkitect and put in this tomb, an ugly tomb!

    Mysterious man: Umm…Guys, can you trust him?

    M, Jay: Who are you?

    Mysterious man: My name is Xavier.

    {*Quick note* (I take credit from Ryo, Ian and Allia’s story because I had the idea to
    put them in this story. Thank you.}

    Xavier: And I am an archer.

    Ryo: Yep, I’m a ninja, join us if you like!

    Allia: I am the ninja of wind!

    M, Jay: Well, my name is Jay, Maelstrom Jay I am, basically ninja of Anacondrai. I have betrayed them for having Lloyd as their friend

    *Nibbles appears on the Bounty*

    Nibbles: AH HA HA HA!

    M, Jay: Well, well, well, Nibbles! The one who once attacked me!

    *Maelstrom Jay uses his Anacondrai powers to kick Nibbles off the bounty*

    *Pythor appears*

    Pythor: You traitor!

    *Maelstrom Jay unlocks his full potential and blasts a beam at Pythor*

    Pythor: AAAGH!

    *Fangpyre helicopter comes up and fires missiles on the rockets of the bounty*

    Fang-suei on megaphone: HAHAH! Go into the underworld! NINJA!

    *Maelstrom Jay jumps on the helicopter while Pythor is below it on a platform and Maelstrom Jay opens the canopy and throws Fang-Suei into the Toxic Bogs and Maelstrom jay turns off the engine and jumps back onto the Bounty*

    Pythor: AAAAAAH!

    *Pythor falls through his tomb and is trapped and Lloyd gets sprung up while he was on a See-Saw with Ferdy*

    *Sensei Wu puts weapons up on Lloyd and they glow green*

    All: Lloyd was the green ninja!

    *Lloyd’s legs turn longer and his clothes turn green and turn into ZX armor*

    *A swarm of helicopters appear and turn into a Devourer mech*

    Lloyd: Oh no! Let me handle this!

    All: NO!

    Sensei Wu: You are not strong eno-

    *Lloyd unlocks his true potential and smashes part of it and then makes it come down*

    Sensei Wu: I forgot that he is grown-up now he is the green ninja!

    *Fang blades appear and Pythor springs up and takes them and flies to Ouraboris*

    *Pythor unleashes the devourer and Ninjago is doomed*

    Lloyd: Oh no! Pythor unleashed the devourer and now it has all the powers! It has Fangpyre, Hypnobrai, Contrictai, Venomari, and Anacondrai! IT’s all my fault!

    *Ninjas lure it to Ninjago city by mistake and Lord Garmadon appears*

    Garmadon: I am with you, ninja! Hand me the golden weapons!

    *Ninjas hand him the weapons while Garmadon has 4 arms*

    *The ninja have an idea*

    Jay: We tangle it here, here and here!

    Zane: I use my ice!

    Cole: And earth!

    Jay: Lightning!

    Kai: Fire!

    M, Jay: But last, Anacondrai!!!!

    *The ninja tangle it up into buildings and Garmadon is on a skyscraper*

    Garmadon: Time to end the Serpentine!

    *The sky turns purple and weapons glow purple*

    Garmadon: NYEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!

    *Garmadon jumps off and explodes the Devourer into Green slime that fills all of Ninjago and Garmadon is gone*

    Jay: We did it!

    Kai: Garmadon did it, he done it; he-he exploded the Devourer

    *Ninjas jump up together*


    *The end*