SAMUKAI saga by lord garmadonzx

this will show alll the current samukai sagas!


  1. Garmadon: *while on his throne in underworld* even though I don’t live here anymore this is a really nice chair!
    Samukai: heeeeeelllllllloooooooo old friend!
    Garmadon: Samukai! But how!? I saw you explode from the blast of the weapons!
    Samukai: Actually you just sssssssskattered my parts around but now that I am whole again I will take my revenge!
    Garmadon:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH STROKE! STROKE! HAHAHAHAH! You couldn’t beat me before and what makes you think you’ll win this time! I have four arms now!
    Samukai: yeeeeeessssss. You do don’t you. But I had four armssssssss to begin with and thusssssss more practice with them!
    Garmadon: you still won’t win! I have more power than you could ever believe!
    Samukai: yeeeeeeeessssssss! I can sssssssseeeeee that! But I have sssssssomething you don’t! Five thingssssss actually! *pulls out a silver
    skeletal sword a silver skeletal scythe a pair of silver skeletal nunchucks and a pair of silver skeletal shrunken* behold! My own ssssssilver weaponsssssss of sssssssspinjitzu! And there issssssss another thing to!
    Garmadon: and what is that? And why are you stressing you s’es?
    Samukai: *reveals neck* behold! A bite from the Fangpyre!
    Garmadon: what! No! I shall stop you right here and now Samukai!
    Samukai: oh yeah bring it lord Garmadon! Or sssssssshould I ssssssssay: sssssssssamantha Garmadon! Hahahahahahaha!
    Garmadon: how do you know my first name!!!??? And I have a perfectly good reason for that name! Mom and dad were expecting a girl at the time and they rushed through the naming thing before realizing I was a boy!
    Samukai: I learned from your brother sssssssensei Wu. You know for a cup of tea he will tell you anything.
    Garmadon: fine then! After I am finished with you I will take care of Wu! Now bring it Samukai!
    Samukai: I have been waiting for thisssssss for a long time Garmadon!
    *Garmadon and Samukai leap at each other and in slow motion the screen fades to black*

    Garmadon: *materializes four swords out of shadows* let’s see what you have really got Samukai!
    Samukai: oh I intend to sssshow you!
    *raises scythe and it starts to glow*
    Garmadon: oh please I know all about the weapons of spinjitzu! *starts to fly into the air* if you’re not on the
    ground it’s worthless!
    Samukai: oh really!? *a lightning bolt blasts out of the scythe*
    Garmadon: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! *falls down* but how-
    Samukai: *slams nunchucks to the floor and cause a crater to open up beneath Garmadon* muhhuhahahahahahahahahahahah! SsssssssTROKE! SssssssssTROKE!
    Garmadon: *holding on to a ledge of the crater* but how can this be!? Even if they are knock off versions of the golden weapons how can they contain this much spinjitzu power!?
    Samukai: Oh, the title lied. This issssssssn’t sssssssspinjitzu! Why thisssss issssss a new power! A new incredible power!
    Garmadon: impossible! I must warn the ninja! I must tell them of this new threat and then give Wu a good four armed slap upside
    the head for revealing my name to Samukai! *opens up a portal* we will meet again Samukai!
    Samukai: I won’t let you essscape! *throws flaming shrunken at Garmadon*
    Garmadon: just what I was hoping for! *jumps out of the way so the shrunken go into the portal* so long sucker! *enters portal*
    Samukai: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! *jumps into the portal at the last moment*

  2. Garmadon: *running* ha! I am gonna make it!
    Samukai: *leaps at Garmadon*
    Garmadon* I don't think ssssssssso! Give me back my ssssshurikenssssss!
    Garmadon: you'll have to take them from me! But to take them you have to catch me!
    Samukai: Or I can freeze you in you tracksssssss! Go TWISSSSSSTJITZU! *blasts a freeze ray out of the silver sword*
    Garmadon: Ah! My feet are frozen! That’s it MUDDLINGS ATTACK!
    *Muddlings come out from the ground at lung at Samukai *
    Samukai: Aaahggurguugsfligsfiuysfig!
    Garmadon: *while chiseling himself out with the shrunken* what was that?
    Samukai: gfguhsgljsglsjg
    Garmadon: *half way out* What did you say?
    Garmadon: *gone*
    Samukai: Thatssssss it! *uses twistjitzu to destroy the Muddlings* now I will get you Garmadon!
    Garmadon: *running up the mountain of madness*Almost there, Garmadon! Just a little more! And look! The Cragglings aren't up yet!
    *Cragglings wake up*
    Garmadon: Aw man.
    Samukai: *starts running up the mountain of madness* I will get you Garmadon! *blasts away Cragglings with the scythe of lightning*
    Garmadon: *Gone*
    Samukai: WHAT!!!??? AGAIN!!?? How doessss he keep doing that!!!!??
    Garmadon: *running farther up the mountain of madness while putting away his magic tricks for dummies beginner kit* It’s a good thing trick number one was how to shrink this thing into pocket size! And it’s another good thing random disappearing was trick two! I am almost there!
    Samukai: *jumps in front of Garmadon* I don’t think sssso, ssssssamantha!
    Muddlings and Cragglings: WHAT!!!??? YOUR REAL NAME IS SAMANTHA GARMADON!
    Muddlings and Cragglings: *still laughing*
    Garmadon: SILENCE! *blasts them with full power lightning* and you Samukai!
    Samukai: hahahah Samantha! Hahahah oh--
    Garmadon: *blasts Samukai with full power lightning, too*
    Samukai: Aah!
    Garmadon: yes now is my chance to get out *runs for portal* I am free! Uff!
    Samukai: *shakes ground with nunchucks* Now die!
    Garmadon: *appears in a puff of smoke behind Samukai * not done yet! *pushes Samukai of mountain* yeah! *heads for portal* Hey Samukai, CATCH YA ON THE FLIP SIDE!
    *enters portal*

  3. Sensei Wu: And that, my ninja, is the secret of flying
    Kai: Wow! Can we try?
    Sensei Wu: Kai, you’re young and still have much to live for.
    Kai: aw man
    Garmadon: *enters through portal* Wu! You and your ninjas are in grave danger!
    Kai: why what’s up
    Garmadon: it’s Samukai! He has returned!
    Kai and sensei Wu: WHAT!!????
    Garmadon: it’s true and hurry! He might have followed me!
    Wu: don’t worry brother we have defeated him once we can do it again
    Garmadon: you haven’t seen him Wu! He has new weapons called the silver weapons of twistjitzu! And his new power is incredible! Not only that but he has been bitten by a snake! He has the power of skeleton and snake!
    Kai: that impossible I don’t believe he is that strong!
    Samukai: *comes out of portal* well believe it ninja!
    Kai: no way! Ninjas come out quick its Samukai!
    Cole: *uses spinjitzu and comes out to sky deck* WHAT!? Samukai!?
    Jay: *jumping out of lightning jet above the ship* Samukai!? Didn’t we beat this guy before!?
    Zane: *running from upstairs* my memory banks show Samukai exploding! How is he here now!?
    Samukai: long story I don’t feel like telling it again! Now feel my wrath ninjas! Go twistjitzu! *uses twistjitzu*
    all ninja: NINJA GO! *uses spinjitzu*
    *battle fiercely*
    Kai: *attacks with sword* feel the burn Samukai! *swords lights on fire*
    Samukai: try me! *uses ice sword and blasts Kai’s feet*
    Kai: Ahhh! I can’t move!
    Jay: don’t worry! I got him! *starts swinging nunchucks*
    Samukai: oh please! *slams nunchucks on ground and breaks the floor beneath jay*
    Cole: your gonna pay for that move! *slams scythe on ground and a fissure starts coming at Samukai*
    Samukai: is this all you ninjas can do! *sends an electrical current through the fissure and blasts Cole with it*
    Cole: Gaaaaaaahhhh!
    Zane: you’re a little too hot headed! Let this cool you off! *throws shrunkens while freezing them*
    Samukai: I am a little disappointed in you ninja! *throws flaming shrunkens at the shrunkens and sends both of them flying at Zane*
    Zane: oh no!
    *shrunkens fly at Zane almost ready to cut through his metal hide!*
    ?????#1: I don’t think so! *a bronze spinning spiked disk flies out of nowhere and blocks both shrunkens*
    ?????#2: spinjitzu represents life and goodness, positiveness and THIS DIMINSION! Twistjitzu is evil and negative! It represents death and destruction!
    ?????#3: And let’s not forget the fact that it's from a completely different dimension! It shouldn’t be in this world!
    Samukai: oh yeah! So what! Who is gonna stop me from using it!? I am invincible!
    ?????#4: Actually, we are, Samukai! Get ready to face a power you haven’t faced before!
    Kai: wait who are you guys?
    ?????#1: hehehehehe. We are here to help you! Of course!
    ?????#3: And we are here to help keep the balance and natural order of things!
    ?????#4: That's right Samukai! Get ready for a battle- wait, no, get ready for war- wait that’s not it right this is more than
    that- and -you know what? ITS ON!

  4. Samukai: all right then come out and sssssshow yourself!

    ?????#1: *starts using bronze disk to cut out Kai from ice* don’t worry you will
    be out in no time!
    Kai: thanks but who are you?
    ?????#1: oh I forgot to
    say didn’t I. my name is ULTIMATE EPIC NRG NEO NOVA NINJA SDZUX but just call me
    Neo for short
    Kai: sure Mr. epic nsd nove-neo!
    Samukai: don’t think I will
    jussst ssstand around while you free him! *attacks with ice sword*
    *blocks sword with a shishkabob* don’t think about it!
    Kai: and who are
    ?????#2: I am Lexi master of shishkabobs! 4th crusader of knights of the
    round snack table! I fight for all that is healthy and edible! and stand against
    the evil of all that is-
    Neo: This intro of hers takes forever hope you can
    play a game of solitaire while you’re trapped in ice.
    Samukai: take thissssss
    then ssssssshishkabob master! *attacks with scythe of lightning* feel the wrath
    of twistjitzu! *blasts lightning out of scythe*
    Lexi: ggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!
    *starts to fly of the ship*
    ?????#3: don’t worry Lexi *turns into a shadow
    and saves Lexi at super speed*
    Lexi: thanks Allia!
    Allia: no problem!

  5. Kai:*free* all right now I can fight to! *lights sword on fire and attacks Samukai*
    Samukai: you want to go again ninja! *knocks Kai away with ice sword*
    Kai: no way! he froze my fire sword! I can’t light it! it might take awhile to thaw out!
    Lexi: Well I can’t fight me just broke my leg from that blast!
    Allia: and I got stay here and help Lexi!
    Samukai: you ninja are doomed! *gets blasted by lightning*
    Jay: what's the matter, Samukai? forgot about me? I'm hurt!
    Cole: and you didn’t really think I would stay knocked out forever did you?
    Zane: *picks up shuriken* it’s not like I’m would just leave my shuriken on the ground either! I’m just needed you distracted long
    enough to get it.
    Neo: and there is still me!
    ?????#4: and me!
    Jay: who are you?
    ?????#4: oh yeah where are my manners? my name is NRG Cole!
    Cole: Wait, what!? why do you look like me!?
    NRG Cole: *takes off mask and reveals Cole's face* I am you! only from the realm known as NRG! my world was indirectly
    destroyed by some guy called Garmadon or something
    Samukai: none of you can beat me though! I am invincible! none of your weapons can stand up to mine!
    Kai: he is right we can’t stop him!
    Sensei Wu: Ninja, don’t give up!
    Garmadon: I’m couldn’t stand having Samukai be the future dark ruler!
    Cole: wait NRG Cole! what about your weapon!?
    NRG Cole: oh you mean that four foot tall four bladed shuriken on my back? doesn’t do anything special really. all it does is absorb all the power of all other weapons in the area and turns it into one powerful blast
    Kai: WHAT!? you could have destroyed Samukai by now with that thing!
    NRG Cole: yeah but I have no idea what would happen if I absorb ALL this power.
    Kai: I don’t care just use it!
    Sensei Wu: Kai, you must think-
    Kai: No more time for thinking we have to stop Samukai! NRG Cole! use it!
    NRG Cole: fine fine! *starts spinning shuriken super fast and absorbing power from all weapons on destiny’s bounty* man this is a lot of
    Samukai: c’mon guyssssss letsssssss not be hassssssty about thisssss heheh! I am sure we can work this out hehehe oh my gosh I am gonna DIE! AGAIN!
    YOU!!!!!!!!! *throws shuriken*
    Samukai: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! *explodes in a huge gigantic explosion*
    jay: we WON! yay we won!
    Zane: wait, my scanners are detecting something really unusual
    Cole: and just what might that be?
    NRG Cole: that *points to a huge giant colorful black hole*
    Samukai: mwhahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha!
    Kai: where is that coming from?
    Lexi: that laugh is coming from the portal!
    Neo: that’s not the only thing!
    Samukai:* walks out of the portal as a huge 5th dimensional monster* mwhahahahahahahahahah thanks for the upgrade ninja! now I am UNIVERSAL SAMUKAI!
    DESTROYER OF WORLDS! mwhahahahahhahhahahahahah!
    Allia: how do we stop that
    NRG Cole: we can’t! the world is doomed!
    Samukai: THAT’S RIGHT
    REALITY IN MY OWN IMAGE! BUT FIRST! *slashes at destiny’s bounty and slices it
    Kai: *falling* wow I never
    thought it would end this way. I always thought my destruction would come by an
    army of gingerbread men
    Lexi: that’s a weird way to go.
    jay: well it was
    nice knowing you. peace out world.
    ?????: Don't worry ninja you're not
    finished yet!

  6. Neo: Hey! I resent that remark! and yet it’s so true.
    NRG Cole: Hey what’s that light down there?
    Zane: I don’t know but it's getting closer!
    all: *falling into the bright light* WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
    Kai: hold on guys! I don’t think this is over yet!

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