orange and purple ninja saga By: santa claus zx

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  1. Episode 1 the scroll

    Kai: Sensai why do we have to train
    Lloyd: Because I need training
    Zane: We need to train him after all he is the green ninja
    Kai: (sigh) ok
    Jay: Lets teach a little spinjtisu. High ya
    Cole: yeah come Lloyd lets train
    Nya: we got a problem.
    Jay:what is it
    Nya: WAREWOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sensai Wu: Go! But Cole & Kai stay here.

    Mean while in down town ninjago

    Jay: Why did Cole & Kai stay back.
    Lloyd: I don’t know
    Zane: Look there they are(points to warewolves)
    All: NINJAGO

    Mean while at sensia Wu’s undergruound desert tunnel

    sensai Wu: read this scroll
    Kai: it says 2 ninjas will become the purple and orange ninjas.
    Cole: wow.
    Sensai Wu: Cole will be the orange ninja of air. Kai will be the purple ninja of go help the others

    ninjago city

    Jay: this is hard> Oh!!!!!! (gets punched)
    Zane: I can’t hold them off
    Lloyd: high ya
    Nya: look orange and purple ninjas.
    All: who are they